About DreamWeavers

DreamWeavers has been in business since August of 1999. Like a lot of IT companies we started as a one man shop. The founder, Kurt Steiner had a vision that IT support could be RESPONSIVE, POLITE, and COMPETENT all at the same time. He made three pledges to his customers. 

1. A person would answer the phone when they called.
2. A person would "own" the problem, or the project and see it through to the end. 
3. Customers would always be treated with respect.

The business grew, Kurt took on some large local customers. DreamWeavers provided a very personalized local "holistic" IT support service, that long term customers enjoy to this day.

Fast forward to 2014, Alaska has grown along with DreamWeavers. More and more "local" companies have been absorbed by national companies, and more national companies have opened concerns in Alaska. IT support for these companies is now outsourced to national IT support companies. These national support companies, though very competent were impersonal and didn't understand the differences of doing business in the Alaska market. Customer were not being served. 

In early 2014 DreamWeavers began developing working relationships with the national support companies. DreamWeavers realized that even thought the IT is now managed "outside" the work still required local seasoned Alaskan technicians. Alaskans like to deal with other Alaskans. Our market is very unique. the challenges we face are very unique. DreamWeavers is good at this. We know the ins and outs of getting things done up here, after 16 years in business, we know the contacts, and the procedures for getting things done and getting them done efficiently.  

DreamWeavers now has it's circle of long term "local customers" and has a significant number of "outside" customers. DreamWeavers has expended it's core competencies to include POS support, deployment, and updates, Kiosk support, Network infrastructure, and store systems support. 

We still provide an exceptional level of service to all of our customers. We love working with other Alaskans and we love the challenges of our market. 

Thank you to all of our new and old customers for helping us to realize the dream of making IT support a pleasant experience.