Domain Info

  1. less than 256 characters long
  2. Can contain only letters numbers and hyphens
  3. is subject to further ICANN Regulations.
  4. Must be renewed yearly (DreamWeavers will set your domain name up to automatically renew each year on the anniversary of your initial registration. )
What about .com .net .org .biz, etc.?
These are called TLD’s which stands for Top Level Domains. They are critical to the  structure of the Internet naming convention, but not all that critical to you the end register. you must only decide which ones you wish to register with your domain name.
Here are a few quick recommendations for the use of TLD’s
  1. If you are a small business, you must at least have a .com name, i.e.
  2. If you are a not for profit organization, you can use the .org TLD.
  3. Some businesses also register their domain name with a .net TLD. Whle it is not essential. it is always a good idea to secure your entire brand when registering.
  4. .biz, .info, .tv, are other options for registration. While these are not as prevalent as .com They are however becoming mainstream, and in most cases, I recommend registering at least the .biz TLD. in addition to .com.
All of your registered TLD’s can point to the same page. so, you don't have to have a separate page for each TLD.

Other things you should know.
what  “WWW’ mean to me?
WWW stands for World Wide Web. Generally, it is the part of your web presence that is exposed to the public at large. This is actually considered a host name. The host name WWW, would theoretically refer to your web server, or your web site.  In most cases, a visitor to your site will get your site even if they do not type the WWW, before your domain name.

We can create any host name you choose, perhaps you would like something like and have a different site that provides access to company data or applications for your employees.

when we create your web presence we will include the host name by typing this address from any Internet connected computer you will be presented with a log in screen that will give you access to your email.

  1. Keep it short, concise, and relevant.
  2. Remember, your email addy will include your domain name. If you pick a domain name that is hard to spell, too long, or makes no sense, it will cause mistakes down the road.  The whole idea of your brand, is to establish “top of mind”  Simpler the better.
Email addresses
Email is the single biggest application for the Internet. It is essential for any person in business to have a good secure, reliable way of retrieving and sending emails. It is important for you to know that all email addresses are not equal.
  1. Free email addresses such as hotmail, yahoo, and even gmail, are just that, free. they are easy to use, reliable, and fairly easy to remember. However, they are absolutely not secure. And there is rarely any support available.
  2. Their are a couple ways to access email. You can access your email via a web site that is built to display your email, and allow you to compose, and organize emails. This works well in most cases. It makes your email accessible from any computer and it provides enough functionality and flexibility for most basic users.  This is called webmail.
  3. another way to access your email is by using an email client such as outlook, or outlook express. in this scenario, the client is installed on your computer. While the client is running it is constantly downloading your email from the email server. These clients provide much more flexibility for organizing and composing rich emails but because they are installed on your computer, they (and your emails) are subject to loss, theft, and computer crashes.
DreamWeavers offers their clients a hybrid scheme of both webmail, and or client email systems.  This way, your emails, contacts, and other important data is securely stored and accessible “in the cloud”  But is also compatible with the advanced functions of email clients.