Responding to customer requests and unique needs we have developed a small portfolio of products that we produce in house. These products have been proven in the real world and are available in standard and custom packages. If you see something close to what you need, contact us, and we will build it, deploy it, and support it. 
  • DAQ and telemetry
    • We have developed numerous remote data acquisition and telemetry products based on our extensive "internet of things" research. Our systems are simple, elegant, and robust, they are designed to be stand alone elements of an infinitely scaleable  network. Any data, collected from anywhere is transmitted to the cloud and stored on DreamWeavers exclusive Amazon EC2 instance making it available to you, anytime, anywhere. 
  • Remote security systems
    • Our DAQ, Telemetry, and Control systems can be configured to provide a stand alone security system for remote sites. This can include environmental monitoring or just about any sensor you can think of. We can also stream and record live video. These systems will give you peace of mind even if your job site is moles away from anywhere. 
  • Remote communication systems. 
    • VOIP, POTS, and network, delivered anywhere you need it. 
  • Custom routers
    • One of the challenges that we face in Alaska is internet access. Sometimes it is not reliable, robust, or just not available. Over the years in business we have developed unique ways to provide high availability redundant access methods. These custom routers provide fail over to any access method available including satellite,  3/4G, DSL, Cable modem etc. For extreme conditions our routers are capable of local cacheing and data bursting. 
  • Mobile communication facilities
    • Today, everything is on the network from security to voice communications. Our mobile platforms are built on our router technology to make the network ubiquitous anywhere your business take you in Alaska. We have "network in a box" network in a trailer" and "network in a van" platforms available. Let us face your communication challenges for you.