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Remote Security (in a box)

This is a high level diagram of our stand alone remote security monitoring system Typically we install these at remote job sites but they can be adapted for just about any use. Most off the hardware is off the shelf open source components.
The sensor, control and managed power bus are custom designs. These systems are extremely low power and feature a built in UPS system. They are self monitoring and self healing. 
Because of the low power design they are easily adapted to to run off solar and or wind. The footprint can be less than a few square feet and they are built with obscurity in mind. These are capable of burst transmitting through the iridium system if no other connection is available. 

Network in a Van

This diagram shows the current state of our "network in a van" project (AKA the Magic Sprinter)
I built this as a proof of concept and a mobile showcase of our other technologies.  It has about 6000 Alaska miles on it now and has proven more than capable of meeting the original design goals. 

Click here to see real time data from the platform.