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The NEW Network Standard

We have been in the networking business since before there was such a thing. We have designed, built and  supported networks of one node to over 300 nodes.  We have designed, built and supported IP networks, VOIP networks Virtual Private networks and even a few rs-485 networks. 

In our time, networks have evolved from finicky voodoo to robust critical application backbones.

Today, EVERYTHING is on "the network" Telephones, sensors, security devices, surveillance devices, and even computers. 

Today, the network MUST BE PERFECT!

We have been blessed with the opportunity to deliver perfect networks to our customers, in that process we have developed a standard that is reliable (duh) robust, scalable, self healing, and most of importantly remote manageable. Oh, and unlike some other network standards ours is affordable and is free of recurring licensing. 

Introducing the DreamWeavers World Teknologies Network Standard

Start with an IP addressable power conditioner (plugged into a high quality, appropriately sized UPS of-course)

This box can be accessed through a cloud interface. From that cloud interface each outlet can be power cycled. Each outlet can be monitored for dangerous over voltage, over current, or under voltage conditions. The UPS itself interfaces and interacts with this box to provide perfect conditioning, monitoring and graceful shutdown if needed.  

Each outlet can be remotely controlled, and monitored. 

Each outlet can be programmed to cycle on a set schedule or automatically based on performance of a connected device. (i.e) this box will automatically reboot your cable modem, DSL modem, router or other WAN device if it looses touch with the mothership.)


Then we move on to the router. 
Routers should be remotely manageable, If network conditions change, they should be able to adapt and keep the network up. Our routers feature built in WAN redundancy/load balancing,  that  includes DSL, T-1 Pri, Cable modem, BXB, MPLS AND 3/4G failover.
Layman's terms, if there is still an internet to connect to, your system will remain connected to it AUTOMAGICALLY

The switch
All your devices connect to the network via a switch of some kind. Our switches do much more than aggregate your IP traffic. We can isolate entire diverse networks on a single switch, (VLAN) We can manage those networks in the cloud and we can monitor them for malicious traffic. We can automatically shunt malicious traffic on a port by port basis to protect the rest of your network, and prioritize traffic to keep critical applications running at peak performance. All of our switches feature automatic gig ethernet so you will always be getting the absolute fastest performance possible from each of your devices. 

The Wireless Network
If your devices are connected via wire, they will be managed by the switches described above. However these days so many devices are wireless. OLD technology delivers VERY lackluster performance. (<11Mbps)  with even less high traffic throughput. This is unacceptable in today's IP centric environment. furthermore, in today's BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) world, traffic MUST to be managed. Our WAPS are rated (and proven) at 140+ Mbps throughput. You will not receive that performance out of other networks a 3 times the price. 

Our wireless access points. are like miniature QOS (Quality Of Service)  devices meaning, they will automatically limit netflix traffic when bandwidth is needed for VOIP. they can also be programmed to filter certain NSFW (Not Safe For Work) traffic to keep your organization appropriate. (Joe-Bobs facebook traffic will still get through but not at the expense of accountings batch AR upload. )

That is not all...

Our wireless access points build their own MESH network, a mesh network is the holy grail of networking because it eliminates single points of failure. to create a wired mesh network is NOT cost effective, however a wireless mesh BACKBONE is built in to our networks. 

Layman's terms. If a wire between device is compromised (cut) the wireless radio will automagically pass the traffic to its nearest wired peer. It will continue to function and notify DreamWeavers that service is needed.  Connectivity will continue, uninterrupted, repair will be dispatched, and NOBODY looses productivity. 

Cloud networking
By now, andybody responsible for IT infrastructure has heard of the cloud however the concept of cloud networking is a relatively new kid on the block. Basically it means that the stuff we used to do on premise ( at a tremendous cost) is now handled in the cloud by an über geek doing his or her magic in a billion dollar data center that YOU never have to worry about.  (or pay for)

DreamWeavers, with he help of a few internationally renowned companies (which will be revealed if you sign an NDA) will provide your organization with the absolute best network available, anywhere, (at any price)  right here, in Alaska. .