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Are you a national company with clients in Alaska? Obviously the Alaskan market is not large enough for you to have regular employees living here, and it is definitely not cost effective to fly a tech out of wherever, every-time a customer needs service in Alaska. That is where we come in. We are extremely responsive and available. 

You may have tried outsourcing to one of the free-lance sites. Check out our ratings on FN  or Workmarket. These platforms work well and we are involved with them extensively. You can locate us by doing a quick search for providers in Alaska. 

OR contact us directly. (recommended)

Make the call 907-355-7881 

We have been serving the Alaskan market for over 16 years! Our team of seasoned professionals will take care of your customers with a level of competence, and customer service that you will not find from any other company in Alaska. 

Because we have been doing business "up here" for so long, we know how to get the job done. We know the people, the providers, and the ins and outs of Alaskan logistics. We have the right contacts and the right attitude to make things happen for your customers in our market. 

Our core competencies are too numerous to list. Suffice it to say that we can take care of everything from POS deployments/upgrades/migrations, to T-1 cut-overs, and everything in between. We have structured cabling crews, Deployment teams, and top level network engineers. 

Best of all, our technicians have the so called "soft" skills that make projects run smooth, and make customers happy. 

As you can imagine, with all this goodness we are quite busy. We will do everything we can to meet your schedule. all you must do now is;

 Make the call 907-355-7881

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Here are some of the companies we currently serve. 



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