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Cloud Teknologies

Over the last 5 years DreamWeavers World Teknologies has been providing network and desktop support to a wide veriety of customers through the United states. Our work has include everything from Complex content management systems, to premium email hosting, Today, we are taking all of the technology that we have developed for our customers and offering it in one place as one affordable package.

Introducing Cloud Apps!
With Cloud Apps your company joins the new paradigm of I.T. infrastructure. All your critical business applications such as email, calendaring, and even word processing are served to you, anywhere you are,  on any computer. 
All of your critical data is stored in one convenient place, safe, and secure in the cloud. You can access and SHARE all of your data anywhere, any time, even if you leave your laptop in Boston, or your main office looses power You data AND our applications are safe, and accessible!

On top of all this, your new I.T. world is supported, and enabled by none other than Google!

You can use the documents library and the resources section to organize your important business documents that need to accessible to the entire team. Run Q&A sessions with your company by utilizing the discussions page. If you have something to say to the entire team you can simply post it on the announcements page. You can keep your entire company at your fingertips with the directory section and keep your team on schedule with the calendar page.


Organize and store your companies important documents.


Keep track of your internal schedule with the calendar page.


Keep your entire company at your fingertips by maintaining a online directory.


Poll your employees on various topics of intrest with the discussion page.


Announce company wide messages with the announcements page.


Keep your important persistent materials organized and accessible with the resources page.


Get in touch with your managers immediately using the contact page. All submissions are organized in a Google spreadsheet for easy organization of requests.